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Superintendent Message Vol.1 Issue 6, May 2018

Posted Date: 05/01/2018


Another year is winding down—banquets, final exams, end-of-year programs, graduation, and summer!!!  As you reflect back on the year spent with Blanco ISD, I hope you recognize the academic gains that have been made, the life lessons that have been learned, and the strides our students have made in reaching their educational goals.


The month of May greets us with more STAAR testing.  I am pleased with the results that we have received thus far.  While we celebrate our success, teachers are also busy providing intervention to those students who need additional support.  The next round of STAAR tests will begin very soon. On May 14th, students will participate in the Math assessment (grades 3, 4, 6, 7 and 5 & 8 re-testers).  Reading will be administered on May 15th (grades 3, 4, 6, 7 and 5 & 8 re-testers), Science (grades 5 & 8) on May 16th and 8th-grade students will take the Social Studies test on May 17th.  In addition, End of Course exams in Algebra I, Biology and U.S. History will be given to high school students.  I know that our students are prepared, and will excel as they take these state assessments.


The Blanco Education Foundation (BEF) Board is currently preparing for a banquet to honor the Blanco High School top ten graduates and a teacher that had a significant impact on their career.  The banquet will celebrate the many accomplishments of those students while also honoring excellence in teaching. I am very excited about the possibilities that the Blanco Education Foundation provides for our school district.  Please be on the lookout for information about how you can support the foundation.


On a financial note, Blanco ISD is experiencing escalating property values while student growth has been stagnant.   Based on this scenario and recent projections, Blanco ISD will again make a recapture payment to the state in an amount that exceeds $300,000.  We currently have a stable financial foundation, and as we work through this stressful economic time, I, along with the leadership team and the Board of Trustees, will continue to be fiscally responsible.  We will explore all options as we strive to reduce expenditures without sacrificing the quality of education in our district.

Blanco ISD students continue to excel in every activity that they participate in.  The high school and middle school bands have wrapped up phenomenal contest seasons.  FFA Land, Range and ENR judging teams competed at the state level and the Entomology team qualified for the national competition.  The boys’ golf team qualified for the state competition for the 6th year in a row.  The softball and baseball teams are competing in the playoffs.  Our track athletes were well represented at regionals and several girls will compete at state.  It is a busy and exciting time for our students, and we are proud of their efforts at every level.

Finally, congratulations to the Blanco High School, Class of 2018!!  The commencement ceremony will be held Friday, May 25 at 8:00 pm at Panther Stadium.  I wish our graduates much success in their future endeavors. May you find the courage to try, the strength to persevere, and the wings to soar.  We send you out into the world with pride and confidence and wish you well as you pursue your dreams!


As we look back on the past with pride, we will look forward to the future with promise.  Be a partner on our journey!


Clay Rosenbaum

Superintendent, Blanco ISD