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Posted Date: 01/01/2021


Good evening and Happy New Year! I hope this email finds you and your families well and enjoying the holiday break. 

Our district leadership team met this afternoon to discuss plans for starting the new semester. Mr. Rosenbaum has been in constant contact with our local health professionals throughout the break and after discussions, we decided to continue with our plan for everyone to come back in person on Tuesday, January 5th. 

Our teachers and staff will be back on Monday, January 4th to put the finishing touches on grades from last semester, prepare for this semester, and complete some professional development. What I am asking of you is to please let me know via email ( if you have any students who have tested positive or have been in direct contact with a positive COVID case recently which might require them to be on quarantine to start the school year. Please remember we are adhering to the CDC recommendations for quarantine which is 10 days from date of exposure. So if your child has been exposed, we will need to know what that date of exposure was so we can determine a return date from quarantine. All students who have not been deemed to be in quarantine by the school will be expected to be at school on Tuesday. If they are not then it will be counted as an absence and will start to accumulate for credit purposes in the spring semester. If you have children at multiple campuses, please reach out to each campus leadership individually so we can all be sure to be “in the loop” for each of our students. 

As far as extracurricular activities, we are still going forward with all programs. We are continuing to evaluate our spectator seating and attendance. We will be making the change to no food or drink in the gymnasium. All food and drink will need to be consumed in the cafeteria while adhering to the expectation of social distancing. Thank you for understanding and helping us to make Blanco High School as safe as can be so our student-athletes can continue their seasons. Please remember we are still requiring masks while in the gym, seating only in seats where there are no “x’s”, and please only sit with those who are in your household. 

In summary: 

1. We are back in-person learning on Tuesday, January 5th 

2. If your student has been deemed as COVID positive or has been exposed to a COVID positive person, please let me know. 

3. Extra-curriculars are still a go with masks and social distancing. 

4. No more food and drink in the gymnasium. 


Patrick Hinson 

Blanco High School Principal