Technology at Blanco ISD  

At Blanco ISD technology is a lot more than hardware and software, it is a philosophy.  We believe that instruction should drive technology. Our students will face the future well prepared. Therefore the technological needs of the students and the teachers are paramount. Our classrooms are networked with server access and high speed internet. Ceiling mounted data projectors, student response cards and interwrite boards enhance the learning experience.  Our high school distance learning lab enables our students to take dual credit courses. Our staff benefits from its use for professional development. Each campus has a minimum of two dedicated servers connected by a fiber optic ring. Servers and switches are constantly updated ensuring reliable service to our campuses. Internet is accessed via a fiber optic connection giving us high speed access that is load balanced between campuses. A variety of software is utilized as teaching tools, academic intervention, administrative applications and for test data analysis and dissemination.  

Our children are our future; technology advancements play a major role in that future. 


Technology Director, Blanco ISD